Blue Star Ontario

Mission Statement

Blue Star Ontario is committed to assisting  athletes ages 9 through 16 in improving their individual basketball skills by providing knowledgeable coaching along with the opportunity to play with and against the highest level of competition. An equally important goal of the program is to develop character, teamwork, and sportsmanship in an enjoyable and safe basketball environment.

Blue Star Ontario is comprised of two main areas of focus.

  1. Spring/Summer AAU Teams
  2. Development/Training

We are committed to providing an elite level experience to athletes involved in our programing. All of our coaches have a history of demonstrated excellence and are excited to share their expertise to up and coming athletes interested in taking their game to the next level.

Blue Star Basketball

In 2013 Canada Drive partnered with Blue Star Basketball to expand our brand in the US and the NCAA recruiting community.  This partnership will provide greater opportunities for our athletes and increase the resources available to what we now call Blue Star Ontario.  For more information about this partnership please click here.

Recruiting Education

Blue Star Ontario respects its responsibility to:

  • Educate players and parents on the recruitment process.
  • Provide equal access to CIS/CCAA coaches.
  • Encourage athletes to make informed decisions about their athletic/academic path.
  • Supply tools and develop skills that will help athletes gather information and compare their options.

CIS/CCAA coaches will be welcomed into our training sessions and our coaches are always available to speak about athletes that are interested in continuing their athletic/academic careers in Canada.

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